Coffee Tattoos

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Coffee Tattoos

More interesting facts about tattoos

Laser tattoo removal ( laser tattoo removal )

Unfortunately, traditional methods of information tattoos are not perfect - they are pretty traumatic , and in most cases the scars remain after the procedure . Laser techniques - more advanced . The most common - selective fotokavitatsiya ( photothermolysis ) . Modern laser beam is sent accurately , selectively acting only on the tattooed area of skin and without affecting healthy tissue. Further , they penetrate quite deeply into the skin , and therefore are effective even in cases where the tattoo was correctly applied (i.e., a coloring pigment has penetrated into the dermis ) .

The procedure of laser tattoo removal is also quite painful. If the area of the picture is quite small - the process can take five - ten minutes , in which case it will be enough anesthetic cream . With extensive tattoos tend to use local anesthesia . Unfortunately, in one session to reduce the figure does not succeed, will require at least two or three treatments. After the laser treatment for skin blisters may form , passing for three to four weeks. Now cosmetic use several types of lasers based on the principle of selective fotokavitatsii . Ruby is widely used for the removal of green, blue and black pigment , located in the upper layers of the epidermis. Deep tattoo removed with the help of bad - to penetrate into the dermal layer , is required to increase the intensity of the light beam , which can lead to scarring and permanent disability pigmentation. In addition, the ruby laser beam acts slowly enough so that the reduction of large drawings can be time consuming .

Alexandrite laser has a similar mechanism of action and copes with shallow dark tattoo and graffiti . It works much faster , but , alas, has the same side effects . Both of these laser powerless over red and red pigments.

The laser of the latest generation - Neodymium - is considered to be universal. It operates by several waves of different lengths and therefore successfully displays both dark and multi-colored ( red, yellow , green ) tattoo . In addition, it is able to remove the pigment from the deep layers of the skin without damaging the tissue and causing scarring. Of the downsides of this impact can be noted that unless the high cost of the procedure.

Along with light lasers for tattoo removal using laser vaporization and or ablative removal of the pattern. For complex terms hides normal evaporation of the skin with a laser beam . This method is fairly narrow specialization . These lasers are successfully addressed only with professionally made tattoo when the pigment is located only in the epidermis - the most superficial layer of the skin . In this case, the effect is excellent. If the tattoo was done by an amateur , and lies quite deep , the laser can only do harm - the treated areas will be a long time to heal, bringing considerable discomfort. To completely restore the skin will take a few weeks , and the place of the figure will be quite unsightly scars.

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