Coffee Tattoos

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Coffee Tattoos

More interesting facts about tattoos

Care and treatment of tattoos

Perhaps the world has the same number of treatments which new tattoo artists and tattoo . If your method of treating a tattoo is right for you , then just read this article , maybe it will allow you to improve the process .

1 Wearing a bandage 1-4 hours . Remove the bandage and gently wash the tattoo. Once the tattoo is finished , the tattoo artist must clear the area of tattooing . Carefully lubricate the tattoo with a thin layer of ointment (preferably apply ointment A & D ointment, ointment retinol or " D- panthenol ") and put a bandage ( made of cotton or a plastic film). Leave the bandage at least one hour but no more than four hours. Rinse with clean running water tattoo.

Put a tattoo place under warm water or soak in the bath with warm water. Warm water opens the pores , which will wash away the excess ink from the wound. The skin will burn a little bit , it's not scary. Use a mild soap to wash the type of Dove. Gently wash the tattoo with soap and water, until you feel the slime layer is completely washed away . Place the tattoo after the removal of soaps , ointments and blood will touch the velvety - soft . Now make the water cooler to soothe irritated skin and narrow pores .

2 . Promaknut dry , apply ointment. If necessary - wrap Gently pat the tattoo dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. Apply a thin layer of ointment on the tattoo . If you plan to stay at home, you may leave the tattoo open . If you experience swelling or tenderness in the area of new tattoo , take ibuprofen or other analgesic.

Contact with the tattoo as possible tender. If you are planning to go to bed - wrap the tattoo film , so you can protect the tattoo from abrasion and bacteria. Note mistress : to avoid having to wash out clothes , put on my pajamas at night or old clothes.

It is not necessary to smear the tattoo all that came to hand . Use approved your master agent. You should not use ointments , consisting of containing antibiotics .

3 . Use a water-based lotion to avoid the appearance of scabs . In the morning wash the tattoo again . Do it quickly and accurately. Not worth the long wet taturovku , and do not substitute tattoo under a strong stream of water. During this period, your body is already in full over the defense and trying to heal the wounds. On the affected area of skin may form the crust is good, but do not let the thickening of the crust . Then you can not use the ointment. Now, the skin should start to deal with the wound itself , the skin needs to breathe , and is at rest. Start the process tattoo , water-based lotion (Lubriderm, H2Ocean , etc.) Do not apply lotion in large quantities. Apply a thin layer to just moisten the damaged area. If not on hand lotion lubricate a very thin layer of D- panthenol . Remember excessive hydration can lead to poor wound healing.

Necessary to maintain the tattoo moist for the next few days, so wear lotion with you. Before the procedure, wash the tattoo. Repeat about 4 times a day, although the amount largely depends on the repetition skin and environment. Hydration will prevent excess crusts . Tattoo needs to breathe, but if you are afraid to damage the skin in a dream , you can stick plastic wrap on the tattoo for the night.

4 . Things to avoid: and swimming pool, or in public places , hot tubs , sea / ocean - forget at least two weeks ; exercise and heavy sweating during the first week ; solarium or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight for a period of healing

5 . Do not scrub , and do not pick After 4-7 days you will begin to flake and peel the skin . It may even seem that in some places the ink comes out . It is the excess pigment , and are separated dead skin. Do not worry, it will not affect your picture. Resist the urge to scratch your tattoo place or otkovyryat crust. Continue to gently clean and moisturize the tattoo. All unnecessary come down by itself. Shaved in the area of tattoo hair will start to grow , adding your worries in the form of itching and irritation. Stroke or slegda shuffled by harassing you place it slegda reduce anxiety . It is not necessary to shave or epilate area tattoo until it is completely healed . You are almost at the finish line .

6. Be patient . The average healing process takes 10 days to one month. It is a very individual process , depending on the location of tattoo , climate, skin type , etc. - Many factors affect the healing process. For complete healing requires at least a month. The skin , as well as our entire organism - are amazing and have amazing features , just need to give them the right tune . Colors, gradients and transitions gray little change in the healing process , often after healing tattoo becomes lighter or brighter. After a couple of weeks of careful care of the tattoo you may specifically be bored , but believe me , your concern will reward you .

7. Take care of the skin Any pigment , ink , or paint are destroyed by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. Tattoos are no exception. Avoid direct sunlight on your tattoo - the use of sunscreen is now your responsibility , unless of course you want to keep the color of your tattoo . Even after everything has healed , your tattoo can be spoiled by the sun or sunburn. Remember that the tattoo itself is located in the lower layers of skin ( dermis) . The top layer ( epidermis) is continually updated and is growing on a tattoo , which is why , over time , the tattoo fades . As time passes, the skin cells and the paint particles are deformed, which may make the edges blurred tattoos . Tattooing is a part of your body and , therefore, it depends on the kind of natural changes in your body . Skin moisturizing and sun protection will keep your skin and provide a decent kind of tattoo for your life.

8. problems If the damaged area was formed pus or showing other suspicious discharge, it is possible that you have brought the infection. Contact your webmaster or a doctor. As a rule , the use of bacitracin may one day solve the problem, but it is better to consult with experts. Do not hesitate to consult your master - he gets paid for it . If you have a tattoo touch up , do it after full healing (item number 6)

9. And lastly Do not be lazy to go to your master after the healing of a tattoo that he could take her picture , or send him a picture on a mail . Believe me , the tattoo artist would like to know how it looks like work . Remember, a tattoo artist in particular business depends on its portfolio.

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