Collar Bone Tattoo Tattoo Designs

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tattoos for women on collar bonecollar bone tattoo   tattoo designs p8wznlgg Collar Bone Tattoo   Tattoo Designs

collar bone tattoo Tattoo designs

More interesting facts about tattoos

Tattoo on neck

The tattoos on his neck previously considered traditionally masculine tattoos , but these days, more and more women are getting tattoos applied to this part of the body. Women usually prefer to apply neck tattoo area , while men mostly use the side or front of the neck.

Back of the head is a small and very delicate area of the body that must be considered when choosing a tattoo sketch , in order to have your tattoo looked here naturally and harmoniously . This area will look great small tattoo as a beautiful ribbon, stars , flowers or butterflies. Small, delicate and feminine figures in the neck look incredibly sexy.

The neck is the most popular part of the neck for a tattoo

In addition to the neck, you can also use the front or side of the neck . The front part of the neck is the least popular area due to the fact that the tattoo is almost impossible to hide from the eyes of others. The side of the neck is more popular . Women tattooing often use this area of the neck, especially the skin behind the ears .
The popularity of tattoos on the back of the head contributes to the fact that they are , if desired, can be easily hidden. They can easily be hidden, for example, collared shirts or long hair. In addition, the back of the head is the area of sexual and tattoos here look very attractive.
As has been said, to be applied to the neck is preferable to use small images , such as flowers , stars , butterflies , symbols, zodiac signs , hearts , crosses , and other small characters .

Tattoos on the back of the head can have a powerful effect on sexual men , when they are , as it were , casually look out from under the hair with shaking hair in the direction of a slight movement of the head.

Men also used tattoo neck substantially front and side part thereof. Tattoo designs for men are more masculine . Men often use images of skulls , crosses , tribal tattoos , and a variety of animals such as dragons , snakes or sharks.
Very often , a tattoo on his neck is the starting point ( the beginning of ) the excellent tattoos of large size, which extends along the entire back .

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