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Flower Tattoo Designs Tattoosfx Tattoo Gallery Rose Tattoo

More interesting facts about tattoos

How to remove a tattoo ? Tattoo Removal ( Tattoo ) methods , contraindications . Laser tattoo removal tips .

Tattoo Removal ( Tattoo )

In his youth, many of us have dreamed of getting a tattoo . Some even dared to do so. But what looks stylish on the girl , sometimes not quite appropriate for adult women . Tattooing is not always perfectly fits the image , and the contours of the skin aging is often blurred , losing its appeal.

This can be overcome - in the arsenal of modern cosmetology there are many different ways to remove permanent pattern. However, this would require a lot of time and money , and patience. After all, a tattoo removed is much more difficult than to get it .

Methods for removing tattoos

One of the oldest methods of tattoo information is called camouflage. In fact, the figure is not removed, and artfully disguise , causing the surface contours of the old flesh-colored pigment ink . Cons are obvious: in ? First, the procedure is quite painful in ? Second, completely remove the tattoo is practically impossible. Camouflage is mainly used for the correction of small-sized tattoos - solid "canvases " with it will not be able to hide .

The classic way to remove the boring pattern - excision of the skin . Get rid of tattoos can be in one session. But ... the scars on the skin , so the open areas of the body this technique , of course, do not apply .

Cryosurgery uses for the information of permanent drawings liquid nitrogen. This method is used today , and quite often, though, as the previous ones, this procedure is very painful, and besides , it takes a lot of time . By the tattooed area is pressed against the fabric impregnated with liquid nitrogen - until then , until a crust of ice . After a few hours tissue subjected to a deep freeze , swell , may give rise to a bubble , and in two or three days in its place appears dry crust . A week later, she disappears, revealing a pink scar. Over time, it brighten and become virtually invisible .

When electrocautery drawing sear electrodes using high-frequency current . The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. As in the case of cryosurgery , skin dry eschar formed , which after seven - ten days eliminated. Scars after coagulation - a very common phenomenon . The risk of scarring can be reduced by use of special healing creams and ointments. Another trouble that can happen - burns to the skin during the procedure. But if the doctor spends her correctly, this should not happen .

Finally, the last , which has become a popular technique - dermabrasion or skin resurfacing . Using a diamond cutter layers of the epidermis , pigment-containing , successively scraped . Sometimes the complete removal of tattoos require two or three sessions , and the healing process in this case may take several months. The main disadvantage of resurfacing is that it reduces the protective properties of the skin, opening the gate for the penetration of the disease - ductive bacteria. So we have to wear a blindfold and routinely handle the damaged area with antiseptics . Unfortunately, after dermabrasion often formed scars, get rid of that very difficult. Therefore, the method requires not only a high level of professionalism from a beautician , but also strict compliance with its recommendations to the patient .

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