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rose tattoo designs with bannersflower tattoo designs   tattoosfx   tattoo gallery  rose tattoo dpy077ge Flower Tattoo Designs   Tattoosfx   Tattoo Gallery  Rose Tattoo

Flower Tattoo Designs Tattoosfx Tattoo Gallery Rose Tattoo

More interesting facts about tattoos

Tattoos help in the treatment of diabetes

Assist physicians in emergency situations can the patient . You need only a prominent place to get a tattoo showing his illness or message on contraindications .

Such tactics vengeance grows. After all, even if the patient is unconscious or can not talk to the doctors for some reason , the tattoo will tell all by herself. For example , you can tell that a person has diabetes , and, most of all, at the moment he has a shortage of insulin.

But it will not be such a seal , "branding" : according to current trends, the tattoo will stay in fashion for a long time , so it will be a stylish design adorning the body and , at the same time , it is vitally necessary information for physicians.

Curious fact: before doctors actively protested against any tattoos , but now doctors are using them to diagnose and even for treatment. For example, scientists have created for people with diabetes , a special solution to be injected under the skin. Get a tattoo - a kind of sensor. The basis of the solution are carbon nanotubes, which are covered with special polymer which fluoresces when the blood sugar level . That is, when the level of glucose higher than normal pattern begins to glow .

However, it is believed that such signaling tattoos can be insulting to their carriers.

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