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Flower Tattoo Designs Tattoosfx Tattoo Gallery Rose Tattoo

More interesting facts about tattoos

Caring for fresh tattoo

When a tattoo should take care that the whole procedure and preparation for it took place in a sterile environment . It is best to do a course in modern tattoo tattoo parlors that pay great attention to cleanliness and sterility procedures institution .

Well, then comes an equally important stage - the care of a fresh tattoo. To heal is successful , you need to perform a number of health conditions , and to take all measures to avoid any complications . Each master has its own tips and advice on the care of a fresh tattoo , but the same rules at all about the same.

The entire period of healing must take place under conditions that allow to keep the process under control. Of course, in the care of the skin with the newly tattooed arms should be perfectly clean. It is also necessary to maintain order and cleanliness of the room in which you live , and aerate it , providing a constant supply of clean fresh air . Depending on the characteristics of the healing process of the body , it may be leaking a little bit differently, but we all have to abide by the following procedure : About 3 hours removed tissue or film , superimposed on a fresh tattoo immediately after the procedure. This is done so that the damaged skin have access to air.

Then place fresh tattoo with warm water . Blot with a tattoo with a clean towel or paper towel , allow the skin to dry 5-15 minutes. Next , apply a neat strokes tattoo healing ointment or cream with antibacterial effect. Best suited drugs such as "D -panthenol ," " Bepanten ( Bepanten plus ) ", " Miramistin " and some others. Sterile drape will help remove excess cream that may prevent access of air to the wound. New screen protector or a napkin on the spot with a cast is not necessary.

Moisturize your skin with a cream or ointment should be as long as it is no longer covered by a crust of having used crack. The signal processing may serve to when flame is too rigid as compared with the surrounding skin . This procedure is typically repeated five times per day for 6-7 days. Continue until the end of the healing (about 7-14 days) , a tattoo can be lubricated simple Vaseline . The main thing is not to give the tattoo to dry . Tattoo should always be under the influence of an ointment.

Until they are healed tattoo is not recommended !

Fresh tattoo is not to be in contact with dirt, dust , wool or synthetic clothing. It is advisable to wear loose clothing made of cotton. Excluding the impact of the tattoo to direct sunlight, sunbathe, visit a solarium. After complete healing tattoo excessive tanning is also contraindicated , since it can affect the quality of your tattoo , and in some cases even ruin it completely . The fact that exposure to direct sunlight , some colors fade , and some may disappear altogether .

Bath for about half of the month is strongly discouraged. Be patient . Also exclude visiting hot baths or saunas and swimming in the river, lake or sea water. It is best to wash under a warm shower , avoiding excessive wetting of healing tattoo , with the tattoo can be a simple smear Vaseline .

Can not be processed at this time tattoo with alcohol solutions ( colognes and lotions ) , hydrogen peroxide , creams and ointments unknown (only strictly on the recommendation and appointment of your master). This can lead to excessive dryness of skin or even chemical burns.

Not recommended to engage in active and power sports , sweat profusely . Exclude drinking alcohol in all its forms. Also, do not take drugs , drugs that can dramatically increase or decrease the blood pressure in the body.

Around the fifth day , you may receive an itch, scab on a tattoo will gradually begin to " peel " . You can not "help" flake tattoo, tease and strip off the crust. When stripping crust formed scars ( spaces). All in good time , peel off the crust itself . By itself, the tattoo is harmless and is applied to the master with all medical preventive measures , but the quality of the final result depends largely on the patience and self-discipline of the customer. Subject to all the conditions listed above , you can be sure that the tattoo will take root in your body for a long time and will please the eyes of others , and some masterpieces will be the subject of your pride .

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